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Elections for Academic Year 2024-2025

Elections for AY 2024-2025 will be held from April 15th-17th, 2024. Below are the positions that are available for election. Full description of the officials duties, qualification for office, and campaign restrictions are located in the DSG Constitution. This year's Elections Manager is Jim McMurray. Please contact him if you have any questions. 

Open Positions on the DSG Executive Board able to be run for: 


Student Body President 

Student Body Vice President 

Vice President of Student Life 

Vice President of Equity and Justice

Vice President of Allocations 


Open Positions on Student Senate able to be run for: 

Two Sophomore Senator Positions 

Two Junior Senator Positions 

Two Senior Senator Positions

One College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Senator

One Creative School Senator 

One School of Business Senator


Open Positions for Graduating Students:

Graduate Member of Alumni Board (three-year term) 

Graduate Member of Board of Trustees (three-year term)

Graduate Member of GOLD Council (two-year term) 


1. During elections, current members of DSG who are not actively running Elections are not able to provide much information regarding Elections, as they could potentially be running for another position. Therefore, all questions must be directed towards the Elections Manager.

2. Senator positions for the incoming class of DePauw Tigers will be held later in the year, after first years have had time to adjust to campus life.

3. The Elections Manager and their team have the right to accept or deny any applications that do not follow the specified guidelines provided during the mandatory informational meetings prior to elections. Failure to attend these meetings, and failure to work with the Elections Manager to find another time to get this information, results in immediate dismissal of your application.

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