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DePauw Student Government Launches New Website

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

After many years, DePauw Student Government is proud to bring its new website online. Outside of the DePauw domain, this new website will make it easier for students to remain connected with the operations of DSG.

“This website will help DSG connect with the Student Body better than ever before. By providing students with a comprehensive, 21st-century website, they will be able to access all the information and resources they need.” - James O'Keane

The website includes important information and resources relating to the Executive Board, Student Senate, and General Assembly. In addition, it holds links to resources relating to Allocations and Student Organizations.

DSG has also made sure that its Feedback Form is included in the website. This form will be a key way that DSG will connect with the student body. It is actively monitored and can be found under the "Resources" page.

Be sure to check out the remainder of the new website at

Any additional questions should be referred to Sydney West, DSG VP of Public Relations.

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